Terme e Cute – Health Resort and Skin


Autori: A. Rossi, C. Cantisani, M. Carlesimo, S. Calvieri

Titolo: Terme e Cute – Health Resort and Skin

Descrizione: Since ancient times, in every country and culture there have been healt resort specializing in dermatological applications. Unfortunately, many ancient procedures, methodologies and clinical applicathions have been lost to the sands of time unknown even to physicians considered to be experts in their field of practice. All over the world, throught historical research or the study of still practiced ancient tecnhiques passed down through generations, many ancient treatments once viewed with scepticism, shrouded in mystery or a “magic” aura and lacking in serius medical analysis, are now under careful review. In recent years, physicians have completed comprehensive studies including strict empirial verifications of many of the most important known ancient dermatological practices. An observational, longitudinal, clinica epidemiological study taking place within the Naiade project describes the middle to longterm impact on patients affected by psoriasis and trated with crenotherapy.
Istituto promotore: Dipartimento di Dermatologia-Venereologia Chirugia Plastica-Ricostruttiva Universit√† degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Roma
Sezione: dermatologia
Rivista: G Ital Dermatol Venereol 138:519-24,2003