Comparison between in haled and ingested iodine metabilism

Autori: A.Costa, F. Cottino, M.Ariano, A. Bacolla, V.Bellero, A.Chiecchio, P.Lorenzini
Titolo: Comparison between in haled and ingested iodine metabilism
Descrizione: Ten patients with no patology of the respiratory tract inhaled I-131 in aerosol form. At the end of the inhalation experiment about 55 % of the inhaled Iodine remained in the organism, the rest having been exhaled. Of the Iodine wich remained, aboaut 62 % went to the circulation over a 24 hour period and was then withdrawn from the circulation through the thyroid and renal clearances. A fraction of the amount accumulated in the respiratory tract passes into the circulation even after 24 hour period. Three patients received a test dose of I 125 given orally. The passing of the Iodine into the circulation was higher, as higher was the percentage concentrated in the thyroid and tha eliminated in the urine, and lower the percentage left in the organism.
Istituto promotore: Osp. Mauriziano di Torino – Clin. Ter. Fis. Riab. Uni.Parma – Terme di Salsomaggiore
Rivista: Journ. Nuclear Med. abd allied sciences, 1982
Sezione: farmacologica